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Window Tinting from Plano Used Car Dealer

Window Tinting - Auto Locators of Texas​Did you know that Auto Locators of Texas in Plano offers a window tinting service? We have experienced tint experts ready to install the ultimate in high technology, clear film for your visual needs. Also, the film we use has outstanding heat rejection to help you stay cool in the hot, Texas days. You know how some cars have window tint that turns purple? Not ours. Not only do you receive a cooler cabin, but you'll have interior protection from harmful UV rays. These rays are also harmful to your auto's interior, causing fading and cracking.  

Window tinting is the statement-maker for your vehicle!

You can select an elegant look with clear and invisible window films, or select a scorching hot window tint. Either can be the accessory that makes your ride "pop." When you have the window tinting installed on your car, you get the style you want and the solitude you desire. Experts agree that window tinting gives your auto a stylish appearance and elevates your car's value. There are a wide variety of shades from which to choose: light to dark. 

Your choices begin with a wide range of window tints. You can choose a look for your car that is an extension of you without compromising quality. You can rely on the best tint with maximum UV protection. Next, the window tint you will choose will keep your car cooler and more comfortable in these hot, Texas summers. Of course, you can't beat the protection you will receive for your interior upholstery. It is less likely to crack or fade with window tinting provided by Auto Locators of Texas in Plano.

We know how much your car means to you. We also know that you want your car to be the best it can always be. Window tinting will give you the satisfaction you deserve, in both style and comfort. You can count on the quality of the tint, as it is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

So, when are you coming to the Service Department at Auto Locators of Texas in Plano for Window Tinting? Call us today at 972-612-3100 for an appointment. With our fast and friendly, window tinting service, we'll get you on your way quickly! 

CarGurus Top Rated Dealer 2022