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Plano Oil Change Service Special

An oil change service is perhaps one of the most important services required for your car's maintenance.  At the Auto Locators of Texas, we want to help you protect your vehicle with frequent oil changes.  After all, everyone is interested in saving money in today's economy.  So, take advantage of this great, oil change offer!

Frequent oil changes are quick and easy ways to maintain your vehicle.  The oil change service includes a new oil filter, fresh oil, and a disposal service of the old oil and filter.  Also, remember the 42-point check?  It is included in the low price of $24.99.  Our certified technicians inspect key components of your vehicle to ensure your auto's optimal performance, and your safety.  

More than motor oil, your vehicle contains and uses fluids of various sorts.  In the wintertime, it is critical to keep coolant levels properly maintained.  The last thing you need is a frozen engine block.  So, getting your radiator ready with antifreeze for the winter is on our list for you.  We also check your transmission fluid.  Pressurized transmission fluid provides hydraulic power for the gear-shifting in automatic transmissions.  Without it, heat and friction would destroy the transmission.  Again, we make sure your vehicle's automatic transmission fluid level is ideal for performance.  Another oil used is differential oil.  This oil is heavier than motor oil and has greater viscosity, which means it coats the gears by sticking to them.  Differential oil is an oil that lubricate the gears of the differential, a device that splits the engine torque between the front set of wheels and the back set of wheels.  There are other fluids, too, such as power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, and transfer case fluid.  That's not all!

Everyone knows that brakes are essential for all autos.  We use them hundreds of times a week, without giving them much thought, really.  Well, at Auto Locators of Texas, it's really all we think about.  Ensuring the safe operation of your front and rear brakes is only one of the essential components we monitor.  We check your vehicle's belts and hoses for compromised integrity, due to routine wear, like heat or dry-rot.  We even check how well your windshield wipers are maintaining their rigidity.  An easy way to tell if your windshield wipers need replacing is an easy inspection.  When examining an installed wiper, notice how the blade rests on the windshield itself.  If the rubber of the wiper is rigid, it passes.  If the rubber is bowed, it is time to be replaced.  Call 972-612-3100 today for your oil change appointment!

CarGurus Top Rated Dealer 2022