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Plano Auto Interior Repair



The Service Department at Auto Locators of Texas in Plano has highly-skilled technicians ready do the Interior Repair work your automobile needs.  We take great pride in providing Interior Repair to your auto so that it can be back into the “like new” condition it deserves. And, in this economy, you deserve the best Interior Repair for your money.  So, we've gone to great lengths to ensure our technicians can provide quality Interior Repair for those ugly burns, holes, tears, rips, and any other damage found in the leather, plastic, fabric or vinyl of your vehicle's interior.  

Interior Repair requires the use of sophisticated techniques to do the Interior Repair of leather, vinyl, fabric and plastic materials.  Let's take leather, for example.  It's structure is random which enables it to be manipulated in hundreds of different ways on a daily basis while sustaining no damage.  The top layer of the leather is dyed, with a surface coat known as the dye coat.  The cracking you see over time is a result of the dye coat's stretching, along with the exposure to ground-in dirt.  Whatever comes in contact with the cracks will fill the tiny cracks.  Skin dander from humans and pets as the biggest offenders.  We leave salts, oils and dust behind to fill those cracks.  Don't leave off whatever is spilled!  Food and drinks are culprits, as well.  These crack-filling ingredients add to the aging process of the leather, making it look old and worn.  This process is just the beginning, and will worsen with neglect.  Have you seen a crack in a wind shield?  If ignored, what happens to it?  It spreads.  The crack gets longer, usually stops when it reaches the edge of the glass itself.  Leather is similar, in that instead of just cracking until it finds its edge, it can open up.  When a hole starts, its tendency is to get bigger.  Working in concert with the heat from UV rays, the leather is taking a beating.  Like human skin, dryness leads to inflexibility and cracking.  And, what about the friction from sliding in and out of the seats of your vehicle?  On dry leather, your rear end acts like sandpaper!   

Come in to Auto Locators of Texas in Plano for Interior Repair. We will be happy to help you.  But, if your vehicle doesn't need Interior Repair, then take our advice: give your leather some tender, loving care.  Make the life of your leather last longer by using restoration products with lanolin and other leather oils.  Use them regularly and use them as directed.  Avoid using conditioners or cleaners.  They tend to dry out the leather.  

Our philosophy about Interior Repair is the same as with the other materials found in your interior: vinyl, fabric and plastic.  Whether it is vinyl scratches, fabric holes, or plastic cracks, our service technicians at Auto Locators of Texas in Plano are able to make those repairs.  Typically, Interior Repairs are minimal, repaired quickly, and requiring a negligible amount of repair product and labor. It's a win-win for you and Auto Locators of Texas!  Since our costs per repair are small, we are able to provide a valuable Interior Repair service to you at a low price.  It gives you another reason to let us care for the statement-making, comfort-providing section of your ride: the Interior.

At Auto Locators of Texas in Plano, we offer low prices and speedy, comprehensive Interior Repair service.  You will receive the highest quality of Interior Repair by our technicians.  After all, aren't you tired of looking at those ugly burns, holes, tears and rips?  Is the damage going to get any better on its own?  Over time, neglected damage will only get worse.  Stop it from getting worse!  Call Auto Locators of Texas in Plano to set up your Interior Repair appointment today.  Call 972-612-3100 now!

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