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Plano Auto Bumper Repair



Auto Locators of Texas in Plano has certified technicians ready to provide outstanding, auto Bumper Repair service.  Getting into a fender bender is easy in DFW.  Doesn't it seem like there are posts everywhere, trying to take you out?  If it's not something, it's someone.  These days, on 75, there are more hard-stop, bumper bangs than ever!  

Bumper Repair at the Auto Locators of Texas in Plano is easy to get.  Getting rid of those hideous scratches, nicks and scrapes are a cinch for our technicians.  For example, for Bumper Repair with slight abrasions on plastic molding, our certified technicians will buff out the scratches.  They will use a power sander and move into a technique known as feather-edging.  This technique is done by sanding down the edges, usually by hand.  The scratches and gouges are filled-in by a polyurethane, bond mix and hardener that matches the durability of the bumper.  After the bond mix and hardener have dried, the bumper is sanded once again.  The thorough sanding serves two purposes: (1) it creates a like-new, smooth surface, and (2) it roughs up the surface so that the primer will stick to it.  The use of a cleaning solvent is helpful to remove dirt and reduce static electricity that attracts other contaminants.  Another wipe down with a tack cloth continues to prepare the surface for the first coat.  A transparent, base coat known as a blender is applied.  Then, the first base coat is applied, concentrating on the primer areas.  A second coat extends out further than the first, to enhance the effects of blending.  Again, keeping the surface contaminant-free is paramount, so another tack cloth wipe down takes place.  Two coats of clear-coat are applied: (1) semi-wet, and (2) real wet.  The technicians will follow a procedure similar to the aforementioned example.  Sharing this information with you, we hope, will give you an idea about how meticulous we are about taking care of your vehicle here at the Auto Locators of Texas in Plano.

So, using bumper stickers to cover those scars is a thing of the past.  We use techniques like grinding, sanding, sculpting and painting to get your automobile back to it's former condition.  So, don't delay!  Call 972-612-3100 today!  We have service providers ready to take your call at Auto Locators of Texas in Plano.

CarGurus Top Rated Dealer 2022