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Plano Automotive Detailing Car Wash Service

An automotive detailing car wash service from Auto Locators of Texas is just the cure for your car's dirt, bugs, and grime.  When we detail your vehicle, we mean detail!  We wash, wax, clean and shine your vehicle until it is show-room ready.  Our service technicians use quality, cleaning products to give your auto the restoration it deserves.  We use cleansing products that clean and protect the interior and exterior of your car.  Your auto can leave with a like-new feel and fresh smell, similar to what it had when it was made.  All you have to do is bring your car in to Auto Locators of Texas in Plano today!

Getting a car wash from Auto Locators of Texas in Plano is just the beginning of the detailing service we provide.  The exterior cleaning is done meticulously through a deep cleaning and waxing process of paint care.  We are just as thorough with our drying process.  Next, the undercarriage, chassis, and wheels are scrubbed and cleaned.  The lights, front and back, along with the trim are given special attention.  Finally, the interior is vacuumed, cleaned, polished, and protected.  We carefully clean the carpet.  Our service technicians have the training to provide any one of several methods to rid your auto's carpet or fabric of unsightly stains.  If your ride has leather, we have cleaning agents, specifically formulated to clean the leather, and not hurt it.  We also dress the dash, clean the vents, and polish the trim.  Have you ever taken your car somewhere to be cleaned and it wasn't?  Well, one of the indicators of thorough cleaning is the cleaning of the door jams.  Yes, we even clean the door jams!  Got a trunk?  We clean that, too!  Our techs not only clean the exterior sides of the windows, but clean the interior sides, as well.  Isn't it annoying when you pay your hard-earned money for a job half-done when only the windows' exteriors are done.  Forget about it!  You can count on a complete, detailing service from Auto Locators of Texas.  The car detailing service, wash, wax and clean will give you a car restoration you deserve!  Call 972-612-3100 today!