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Let us sell your car through consignment

​Who really wants to go through the hassle of selling a vehicle? From strangers coming to your house or work place to making sure the funds used to purchase your car are verifiable, security and safety are a huge concern not to mention very time consuming. Why not let us help? We will take 30 photos and a video of your car and list it on 14 major automotive websites such as, and Craigslist.

There are a number of things we can offer that a private seller simply can not like having 80+ cars in one locations. This is important because people prefer to not drive around to simply preview a vehicle. We also offer financing options as well as warranties. If you were to try to offer these things, your profit from the sale would likely be diminished. Additionally we take trade-ins, which provides the 80% of customers who need to sell a car to buy a new one the opportunity to trade their vehicle for yours. Lastly, this is our full-time job with 17 years of professional experience to help sell your car for the right price.

So what are you waiting for? Get your old vehicle out of the driveway and put some cash in your pocket without doing much at all!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Why should I do consignment?
A: Avoid the inconvenience of rearranging your schedule for people who are "on their way" and never show up.
Avoid parking your car in parking lots with "for sale" signs with the possibility of getting towed or damaged.
We will answer all phone calls, emails and handle all walk-in traffic.
We deal with the "tire kickers" (people who are not serious buyers)
Avoid strangers visiting your home or work (especially if they have a problem with the vehicle after purchase)
We can offer financing (67% of people need financing)
We can take trade-ins (71% of people have vehicles to trade-in)
We are are centrally located in Plano in the heart of "Dealership Row" (16 car dealerships within 1 mile)
We handle the entire registration process from collecting the funds from the customer to handling the drafting from their bank or credit union. Our title clerk will register the vehicle at the tax office, ensuring you the vehicle actually gets transferred to the new owner.

***Caution: Title Skipping (See How People Get Scammed!!!)
Many people think it's no big deal to sell a vehicle. Below is a typical scam predators use when they see individuals selling vehicles online or in the newspaper.
Basically, the thief looks at the vehicle and you agree on a price to sell it for. The seller usually assumes that the cash or check is legitimate. Many times the cashier's check is fake. If the money is good, most individuals  hand over the title to the new buyer. That is the dumbest thing you can do. The scammer is driving away with a vehicle he never plans to register and technically you still own the vehicle. If that vehicle shows up in any accidents, parking violations, or toll tag violations, you are responsible! Also, if the new buyer decides to resell your vehicle one week later, he can illegally roll back the miles, selling the car for more than he paid for and on paper, you just sold a fraudulent vehicle to an innocent party.

2. Q: Why use consignment over just trading my vehicle in?
A: With a typical trade-in, you are only getting the low wholesale value for your vehicle. By letting Auto Locators of Texas sell your car on consignment, you will be getting the retail value which can be thousands of dollars more than a trade-in, with no effort or stress on your part.

3. Q: How long does it take to sell a vehicle?
A: Depending on the type of vehicle, we should be able to sell your car within 30 days. Certain high-line or specialty vehicles may take longer. If the car does not sell in a reasonable amount of time, we can always remarket your vehicle though many auction houses with a reserve for price.

4. Q: Does the car need to be at your dealership to sell it?
A: Yes. We have tried coordinating buyer and seller in the past, but with the time conflicts and busy schedules it is too difficult to arrange for both parties.

5. Q: What if I still owe or have a lien on the car?
A: When your vehicle sells, we can assist you with the pay off process from your financial institution and help get the lien released.

6. Q: Can you sell leased cars?
A: Yes, we can sell your leased vehicle. We just need the buy out or the pay off price.

7. Q: How do we know what to list it for?
A: Finding a fair and competitive price for your vehicle takes a little bit more time. We look at NADA, Kelly Blue book values, online sites like and, and also pull data from local area lease return sales. We can list the price, depending on your personal preference (more aggressive or less aggressive).

8. Q: How do we start the process?
A: Just bring your vehicle to our dealership with any service records, extra keys, and a copy of the title.

9. Q: What type of vehicles do you accept?
A: We consign cars, trucks, SUV's, sports cars, motorcycles, boats, watercrafts, RV's, classic cars and more.
(No salvaged or reconditioned title cars. All vehicles must be running and in safe, driveable condition)

10. Q: How do we get paid?
A: Once the vehicle has sold and has been transferred at the tax office, we will send you a check minus all expenses on the vehicle such as detailing, door dings, advertising, etc.

CarGurus Top Rated Dealer 2022